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A black card for all MoB Capital loyal clients in all services offered by MoB Capital. Entitled to benefits if one has the card. A must have Financial Freedom Card. It changes lives and emancipates the holder. 

Now Available!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MoB Capital Loyalty Programme  

MoB 007 Card : The Black Card
MoB 007 Club it opens all doors just like Bond, James Bond.

It's your gateway to financial freedom in Zimbabwe. Just produce it and you are ready to go. With this card your life becomes easier , simpler and richer due to various savings you make . It's a first to your savings culture. Once you have saved please use the money to good use.

Who is entitled to this world class black card?

All MoB Capital clients that have been loyal on all our services offered by MoB Capital and it's Agencies in the country.


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Btwn 10th Avenue & 11th Avenue, Bulawayo


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