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THE 2019 Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) has come and gone with its 60th anniversary celebratory mood. It attracted over 500 direct local exhibitors and 14 countries. It was a sold out event.

Based on the theme: “Propagating Industrial Growth Through Trade and Investment”, which is private practice development, its major drive was to attract fresh investments in the economy and assist Zimbabwe’s transformation to a middle income state by 2030

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THE biggest challenge right now is “are Zimbabwean assets and liabilities priced accordingly”. The answer is a strong NO.

The pricing in Zimbabwe seems to take the Bigger Fool Theory to heart.

This theorem says for every price there is a taker, that is, any item will get bought regardless of the price as buyers believe there is another buyer who will pay an even higher price for the same item.

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IT is called the year of the pig on the Chinese calendar. The pig symbolises wealth and a well cleaned up animal. Wealth or personal financial hygiene is based on the individual attitude.

Back in the day in barren Hwange, my widowed granny AmaLiza had to eke a living from the sandy soils in a drought period.

She employed a lot of simple strategies to keep going in anticipation of better fortunes to come in the following years.

Here are some of strategies with some having a modern twist to them.

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WE have seen a lot of graduates failing to find the jobs they had hoped for.

We have graduates failing to find anything just to consider it as work.

We have seen the graduates lacking capital to sustain their areas of passion in business.

We have seen financial entities shunning these graduates due to lack of experience or lack of great ideas that can be turned into business ventures.

We have bemoaned lack of collateral when it comes to borrowing funds from financial services.

We have seen unemployment rising to unprecedented levels and that has increased socio-economic ills.

This has troubled governments, private sector and the general population.

We have seen great ideas getting stunted growth leading to frustrations and disillusion in investors or those exhibiting entrepreneurial tendencies.

Thus, has led to more fantasies on being dealers than leaders in entrepreneurial activities leading to glutton and self aggrandisement to the detriment of the entire economy.

Where do you find patient capital that will have a long term view in equity investment without being usurious in nurture?

Where do you find an investor that is willing to take the risk with you and offer to “baby sit” an up-start through the growth phase?

Where do you find an equity investor that will run with you until initial public offer (if it will come to that)? Where do you find an investor that offers management expertise while you upscale from a start up? It is only the venture capital world you find such?

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MOST organisations desire to give back to their communities but lack a vehicle that allows them to do so in an effective and sustainable manner.


Upon this realisation MoB Capital Pvt Ltd has come up with a vehicle, which will provide solutions.

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