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DEBT has been the biggest challenge in Zimbabwe’s recovery path. Apparently all of it seems to be bad debt, regardless of the fact that it could have been good debt then. Debt, if unchecked for long can be detrimental to the economy. A country laden with debt reflects on a population laden with debt. There is no way you can have a nation ravaged with debt and its population not sinking in debt

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PLEASE accept our sincere apologies for the non-production of last week’s column due to reasons beyond our control. It is never our wish to deprive our readers the weekly dosage of the thought-provoking and mind-stimulating non-conventional column, which could ignite mental emancipation then ignite financial freedom in our communities.

A home as we know it has many forms of money, and for the home to be financially hygienic one has to make more money or save money. Food is money, so is water and electricity, fuel in the car, so is some of the little things we do or do not do. So, balancing between the income and expenses becomes key for the home. Let us look at some of saving money tendencies in a home set up.

Utility bills
Let us cut these to the bare minimum especially water and electricity. Use appliances that are energy savers. Be mathematical, read and understand the gadgets and their uses. Lawns and flowers are okay with recycled water especially waste water and laundry water. The bath and toilet could run on borehole water. Water harvesting for the garden after mulching the garden is wiser. For semi-commercial homes make use of drip irrigation system.
Unnecessary phone bills are a stupid agenda especially when it is all from unproductive social media use.

Food, lunch bill
Shop around and get bargains on food. You might want to bulk purchase to enjoy discounts from major wholesalers like the ‘women’s clubs’ phenomena.

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