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Of all things crime is really profitable otherwise they wouldn't be criminals all over the world. The number of criminal activities recorded proves that criminal activities do pay and pays big time.

Since Biblical times crime has been profitable and spoils of crime are enticing to many a people. Just look at organized crime and tell me, at a glance, that isn't lucrative by any measure.  


However criminal activities are not sustainable as one day the chickens will come home to roost. History has it one day in the future criminals meet their match and pay heavily.

Criminal activities are costly to other businesses as they don't level the playing field, deprive taxes, deprive revenues to other players and abuse systems to the detriment of the entire economy. It also means a great deal of resources is directed towards policing such activities which ordinarily requires minimal resources. This bleeds limited resources and leaves other areas deprived of resources.

It strains society, it's unfair, and it’s immoral, unethical and just not right to those working hard to earn a living in a normal way without shenanigans. It's a community cancer that needs to be nipped in the bud as early as possible. 

Crime is normally profitable in the short term even though at the expense of other businesses or individuals. 

It's advisable to keep it legal and morally upright in business because what goes around comes around. 

If only big businesses can operate like small plot holder farmers that are always on the lookout for each other then the world will be a better place.

We know crime is a trillion dollar industry but there is no need to be part of it as in the long run it doesn't pay as much. You could end up losing everything at times even your life which isn't worth it at all 

To avoid the world of crime one needs to be patience, disciplined, avoid greed, envy and glutton, avoid peer pressure, have value systems and learn to work hard for finer things in life. 

The Bible has always said “bad company corrupts good morals ". The company we keep also leads to criminal activities. Keep good company, needless to say. 

And the other issue is what if the same criminal activities you perpetrate on others can also be perpetrated on you with the same vigor and ruthlessness: Karma

In Newton’s Third Law of motion for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction 

It’s a bad world but let’s not increase the numbers be the shinning pebble on the beach of exemplary and dignified behavior even when adversity knows you by name.                          

The quest to all businesses is to get an income the major one being passive income that gives enough revenues to sustaining individuals and businesses alike that has seen some even resorting to criminal activities to get that passive income. 

Passive Income 

This is the definition of "you have arrived” in the areas of financial independence or what we at MoB Capital call financial freedom.

Everything we are doing is to make sure we strive to have passive income and as much of it as possible .Passive income is an income that you earn without having to work for it . While you are doing nothing you are still earning that is what we strive for .You don't have to do anything to earn such an income. You are sited and absolutely doing nothing but still getting "paid".  This is money that sets you free.

A salary isn't passive income. Then what is this special income that everyone is yearning for.

Rental income is passive, dividends are, interest income is, investments income is, and pension is among others.

Go out and look for it .Best wishes.

You attained your passive income through avoiding crime then how do we define that “ you have arrived”. How do we define your success or being successful? Let’s explore examples  

How do you measure success ?

1. Big car
2. Big house
3. Big electronic gadgets
4. Trophy spouse
5. Big Salary
6. Rich ( whatever that means )
7. Bad Debt


1. Vintage Cars
2. Real Estate
3. Assets acquisitions
4 Complementary spouse
5. Passive Income
6. Wealth
7. Good Debt 


1. Peace of mind
2. Doing what you want to
3. Living within your means
4. Healthy Lifestyle (physical & spiritual)
5. Huge Cash flows
6. No Debt overhangs
7.  Multiply Passive Incomes


Money defines the bottom line and in real finance it's called net worth which could be physical, spiritual, financial etc  and  it's very subjective depending on the hierarchy of needs.

Where are you on the above? And is success an end or a journey? 



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