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The Hon Minister of Finance statement has a tone of ' Business Unusual ".

It's an honest appeal for greater good will among all Zimbabwean stakeholders to work & pull together ,walk the talk , walk together and an apology for past policy inconsistencies and asking to be trusted in building bridges within and without the Zimbabwe boarders.


General idea is to instill financial discipline, accountability and responsible spending tendencies while trying to grow and share the care equally which is the cornerstone for existence.



Move to curtail expenditure through reducing travel expenses, perks & freebies, reduction in foreign functions, civil servants rationalization will free funds for projects development. 


We pray that the performance appraisal being introduced will bring accountability and responsible tendencies especially in the public domain.


Re engaging of international stakeholders and commitment to arrears settling commended and at current just what Zimbabwe needs. We do not live in a vacuum.

Deficit still a major worry and it being financed through local borrowing that crowds the private sector is still a major headache. 

Treasury Bills should be monitored religiously to instill confidence and trust that Government settles their financial obligations on time. The commitment to settle international obligations is commended.


Bonus payment morally right but not economically right given elections are beckoning.


Amnesty on illegal externalizations and cash barons meant to alleviate liquidity and cash challenges. With the tax incentives is good news to economic actors already pressed for liquidity.

Property rights and application of the enacted laws should be applied across the board.

Special Economic Zones ( SEZs) expedience with export inclinations is the future there is still need for further consultations on this grey area. It's an area that is misunderstood and the lackadaisical approach to coming up with an exhaustive and fool proof model on this inclination is worrying. Time is money.


Indigenization law repeal was the way to go to encourage FDIs but this has to be detailed, communicated and put into law like yesterday.

Personally I feel 100% is too much (my recommendation is still 30% for locals) that being said thus reserved sector has to be strictly for locals only without any waivers.

We pray this is an era that brings an end to policy inconsistencies both in public and private sector.


I have a feeling the Hon Ministry nearly went all out on austerity measures but was afraid of the culture shock thereafter that could have derailed his initiatives through resistance to change within and without Government structures.


Budget shortcomings 

It doesn't touch anything on cancer initiatives given cancer is the number one killer before HIV and AIDS and its straining social services. Prevention will be better than cure.


99 year lease is still a critical component of manufacturing, which is production. Government, Bankers and beneficiaries should get on the negotiating table and thrash outstanding sticking points.


Zambezi water project the ultimate solution to Matebeleland was overlooked.


Ghost workers not dealt with decisively there is more ground to cover on this front.

. They should have said no to deficit budgeting ie the need to eat what kill. 

.Ring-fence people's bank balances to bring about trust and confidence in the main stream financial services sector.


Gradually abandon   bond notes usage while encouraging confidence and trust into the economy.

Audit diamond revenues from 2006 and account for revenues derived from that sector.

Dealing with cost drivers (utilities, salaries/perks, & fuel) ie internal devaluation will go a long way in addressing the high cost of products and services in this landlocked beautiful country.

Long term strategy  is to make Zimbabwe a relatively low cost producer or have unique products/services where the market would be a price taker that way what is produced ( or service rendered )  the market will pay the price eg some minerals on the great dyke.

Addressing Skills shortage which has become cancerous. Involve Zimbabwe Diaspora, retired human capital.

On paper Defense vote which is more than the Health vote. (in reality it's not)  is still a cause of concern from a public relations perspective.


Ministry need to give regular, factual updates on targets and budgets and variances plus remedial action therefore religiously no matter how bad the figures could.


Time to usher in a new culture of doing Government business but only with time can we judge if the nation is ready to take off. Generally it's not easy to unlearn bad traits.

The need to increase implementation goes without saying. The need to work together is overdue. The need to seek knowledge across private and government domain is the future.

Above all reduce corruption to minimal levels of which most strategies have been discussed in detail in my earlier submissions on ways to combat this vice.

We have to giant elephants in the room i.e. corruption and inflation they seem to be correlated.

The need to address the economic inequality in our communities is a moral thing to do to stabilize the socio-economic challenges experienced by reducing the gap between the have and have not.


Ask not what the Government can do for you but what can you do for the Government.


Merry Xmas please do spend responsibly the New Year has a lot of financial obligations. 




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