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 Life in general is binary in nature it's either zero or one (0s & 1s), yes or no, in or out, with or without the list is endless.

There was never in between and there isn't now and it won't be in the future.

During economic trying times we ask ourselves are we part of the problem or part of the solution .Ask not what they can do for you but what you can do for them.                                                                           This is the basis for viable existence.

Complaining doesn't help. Blaming someone doesn't solve anything. Crying postpones the problem .Doing nothing compounds the challenge. 

Wishing away is just that wishes it doesn't change the status quo.

As long as nothing is done about challenges then challenges will remain. Only you can change the situation.

Which part of the divide do you belong to of either solution or problem? You can't be on fence as it were. Whatever circumstances we are in it’s because we are not taking necessary action to remedy the situation.

If you are not part of solution please know you are traveling on the wider path do us a favor look for the narrow path that leads to financial freedom.

You know where you stand so let's be truthful and move over to the right side.

So many a time we are just complaining and being too negative to prescribe solutions to our challenges. We are our worst enemies by compounding challenges at hand either by doing nothing or by aiding the gravity of our challenges.

No need to complain offer solutions instead. Be part of the focus group or think tank that is looking for solutions. Uplift those seeking solutions. Encourage those trying to find lasting solutions. Be the agent of positive change that is infectious for an excellent future.

A quick test is to check if you are part of the solution if not then you are the big problem in the equation. 

Therefore you need to change your ways.

We have noticed people always blame everyone else but themselves. The log in my eye is always smaller than my neighbors. It then creates challenges as everything is right but how can we all be right when things are going southwards.

The biggest change in the world begins with you. That is the most vital transformation that the community needs .Once that is achieved then we start asking for the rest of the world to change as well.

And accepting our shortfalls is the beginning of seeking solutions to any prevailing challenges that we could be experiencing.

A problem is half solved from you acknowledge its existence and at times recognizing that you are the major stumbling block in the chain is key. We are as strong as our weakest link. It takes a real man/woman to identify their weakness and remedy accordingly.

It’s about asking the man in the mirror to take stock about his doings, to change his ways, to simulate the strategic importance offering solutions and stop the passing on the buck approach to providing solutions. Redemption lies inside each and everyone of us but only if we can be honest as to where the problem lies and be happy to remedy. Everyone has a part to play today, tomorrow and beyond as we nurture our communities to find lasting solutions through transformational leadership. Leaders have flaws but you don’t want captains of industry to be part of the economic headaches.

The choice is in our hands be the solution or be the perennial challenge that is retrogressive to the detriment of our economic space.  Right now we need more of the latter as we trot precariously towards financial emancipation  in a ruthless and very competitive global village.



Money Transfer Facility

MoB Capital in partnership with Express Financial Services Ltd now offers money transfer services to the following countries United Kingdom, Bostwana, Gambia, Tanzania, Swaziland ,Zambia, Swaziland, Nigeria, USA, Mocambique, Malawi, Kenya, Ghana .

You can now send or receive money from these countries through MoB Capital offices as a same day service.

The service has leverage on

-competitive exchange rates

- lower charges thus value for your money

-reliable , efficient, safe and secure money transfer

-bank deposit/Transfer to all Banks in all send countries

-mobile money payment –Ecocash

-Bank transfer/deposits to our accounts


For Republic of South Africa Universities you can do all your tuition fees payments through the MoB Capital offices.


This is in line with MoB Capital approach of one stop shop for financial solutions as we explore dream discover financial freedom through financial inclusion.




IF YOU LIVE IN HARARE PLEASE KEEP THE SUNSHINE CITY CLEAN                                                                           IF YOU LIVE IN ZIMBABWE PLEASE USE ELECTRICITY SPARINGLY: SOS (SWITCH OFF SWITCHES)                                                                                                                                            IF YOU LIVE ON PLANET EARTH PLEASE PRESERVE THE ENVIRONMENT



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