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Mbanje/Hashish/Marijuana/cannabis is a defined as an elicit leafy drug that causes hallucinations and it is believed can cause long term addiction . It has been said prolonged use leads to mental challenges although research has not supported that . There is also a claim that excessive use leads to craving which then makes one graduate to the use or is it abuse of hardcore drugs. Mbanje itself is considered a lesser evil of the drugs family. It is still a mysterious drug its uses and its effects . This has had divided opinions across the world.

As a person who grew up in a neighborhood where growing the leafy crop for recreational or commercial purpose was prevalent my research is more of observations that documented research. Those that have used mbanje do not seem to suffer from long term mental problems nor lung related cases as compared to those that use the tobacco cigarettes. In addition, most users/abusers of the wisdom weed do not graduate to hard core drugs maybe it’s a financial thing as hard core drugs can be beyond the reach of most people. Most users seem calm, tend to impact words of wisdom. It seems the drug acts as an appetizer and stimulant as most users after inhaling tend to be more productive to physical chores the down side being they gormandize on food.

It has also been used as a hair food to aide the growth of hair in some instants with sterling results. It is a good cash crop as it increases GDP of an area . We are not yet debating on the legality or illegality of it therefore. In some parts of the world it has been found to have medicinal properties  that calms nerves. It is the medicinal properties of the drug that has gathered more momentum in the areas of research   to derive more beneficial medicinal properties. The pure state that it is in makes it a much more environmental friendly than Babylon cigars(cigarettes) which with their nicotine and tar causes cancers and more addiction as been documented. The other part of  mbanje can be taken as food like cookies, bread or biscuits and reducing toxic exposure to lungs .

The debate here is not of the above reasons but it is to look at mbanje as a medicinal remedy , a cash crop , tourist attraction and an agricultural subject worth pouring millions of dollars into through creation of private prisons.

Here is the Binga concept with the way to generating revenue, putting prisoners to good use, document knowledge, cultural exchange, agricultural exchange and reduce  unemployment, increase GDP, revenue contribution(taxes), get FDI tourism and expose Zimbabwe to the global village.

First of all land in Binga has to be identified consisting of large vast of land of good soils to grow the precious crop that will be under irrigation. Irrigation could be in borehole form or direct link from the Zamabezi river and along the way a green belt is established to sustain lives.                                                               An excellent prison service for most convicts from Whange, Vic Falls , Binga , Kamativi, Dete and any surrounding areas for cheap labour. Hard core criminals will not be tolerated . The place to be secured with electric fence with monitored entrance into the facility. It shall be named as a correctional services place not as a prison for rehabilitation purposes only.                                                                                                          The Tonga people to champion the growing of the plant. The initial stage will be the oral presentation of preparing, nurturing and processing of the precious crop. Thereafter oral recitation will be translated into English and other local languages documenting all the areas of growing and natural processing of the plant.


A small chemical processing plant to  be established to transform the drug into all required medicinal combinations for export and use in local hospitals. This will require partnership with oversees players that have been processing mbanje for a while now.                                                                                                 The local processing of putting harvested crop underneath goat pens will require the rearing of goats/sheep on a large scale  to help in the natural processing at a massive scale for local consumption. This will create employment and manure for nearby vegetable gardens that will be required to sustain the food requirement for the correctional facility.            This will form a complete agricultural experience which blends with the current ecosystem.                                                                                                                     Water  will be drawn from the Zambezi river for all the agricultural facilities for the entire project and all run on solar energy. It has to be the biggest of such facility in Africa for it to make sense at all  ie financial sense.

The next stage will be to create a mbanje haven , Holland style for all local and foreign tourists. All visitors will have an area where people will be allowed to smoke in peace, eat cookies and whatever mbanje products will be on offer . Outside these havens it will be illegal to possess any unprocessed or processed mbanje products. Selling will be outlawed and any selling , smoking outside these havens will be criminal. These havens will operate round the clock complete with lodges, hotels and business centre in the form of an ultra city concept. It will be a town on its own with its on recreational facilities and state of the art equipment for tourism purposes. Penalties for smoking or peddling outside these havens have to be revised heavily upwards.

The complex will be complete with training facilities for mbanje growing, agricultural consultant, doctors, vegetables growing , animal husbandry and slaughtering services, cooking lessons. It will be a self sustaining facility and a complete agricultural concern even though main focus will be growing mbanje for  recreational and medicinal purposes.

Benefits derived from this facility                                                                                                            It will be a very popular tourists destinations for local, regional and international players , thus major revenue streams            .          

Employment opportunities are vast direct and indirectly through the entire value chain                                                                                     Huge  export earner to various foreign medical institutions.                                                                     Such facilities offer full correctional and rehabilitation services to would be inmates                                                                               It increases collectable taxes as a learning facility for locals and  regional players in agricultural sustenance  in small livestock , cash crop management  as well as tourist management.                                      An excellent rehabilitation exercise for inmates who will then be issued with agricultural certificates thus aiding food security as they pass on the knowledge to their respective areas.                                    Documents and aides Tonga culture in as far as processing and smoking the weed is concerned as it is Tonga artistry with all the apparatus. Increasing Tonga Museum Heritage appreciation and aides visits to the museum.                                                                                                                             Commercializes prisons and reduces Govt Expenditure thus avails more resources to critical areas.                                            Source of much needed FDI.                                                                                                               Stabilizes prices by producing cost effectively   ( agricultural and related products )                                                                                             Creates a bread basket for the southern region of Zimbabwe as the concept get replicated to other regions for other agricultural products and or animal husbandry.  Given the major cost of production is labour in Zim by having prisoners do it at such cost effective rates it makes agricultural products competitive on the market full of imports ….


   General the community will be uplifted as the project will touch a lot of areas in terms of distribution channels be it agricultural produce, livestock and other business ventures that locals will venture into to compliment the facility and the haven centre.                                                                                        It is a green project which will put Zim on the world map with the green conscious applications and use of natural energy.                                                                                                                                               It diversifies investments to the remotest part of the country thus equitable distribution of resources across the country.                                                                                                                                   Creates huge employment opportunities for locals . It is also an avenue for exchange of skills between foreigners and locals .    Tourist destination with a difference which will for real leaves a mark on all visitors and give us a chance to sell other destinations as well. The curiosity it creates will eventually put the mighty Vic Falls on the global map again. This will reduce the Vic Falls’s location ambiguity.

Other  off shoots from this project.

Infrastructural development will follow.                                                                                              Schools, college  and scholarships through social responsibility.                                                               Health  facilities                                                                                                                                Helicopter pads and airport facilities , creates tourism attraction                                                                                                                                     Railway  network. Shopping  malls.                                                                                                  Aide Batoka Gouge electricity generation project                                                                               serious farming ventures along the pipeline and surrounding areas.                                                          This could be an area to strictly produce GMO’s for exports just to generate revenues.  Such facilities are billion dollars projects due to many off shoots as beneficiation and processing will be done in Zim.                  Could be the spark for other projects like Hwange mango plantations using same private prisons concept with Govt partnering with private players in Zim Asset phenomena.  Such projects puts Zambezi water projects on the map as if Hwange and Binga tap into the Zambezi that will it will only require Hwange to Bulawayo to be connected thus reducing the cost of implementing the whole Zambezi water project.



The benefits outweigh the disadvantages. People smoke, people are smoking and no one is going to stop them from smoking we might as well cash in on it. The argument against is one on moral grounds period.

This is just about the beginning of commercializing prisons and lessen the burden on the Govt coffers through private prisons and the Mbanje project is just but one of the many concepts that can be used . The idea is to have low cost productions through prisons such that Govt pays these prisons an amount certain for each prisoner for rehabilitation…

We are thinking aloud and we hope it is permissible to do so….

Aspire to Inspire  Before You Expire                                                                                                         We are really motivated by the dedication, patience, methodical planning and the execution of a thief’s plan of action that makes them strike at that very  precise moment when guard is at its lowest. The precision, accuracy and risk taking is just a marvel to watch. Because the margin of error is so small any sloppiness could lead to serious consequences even death at times…



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