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AS they say when faced with a challenge stop digging to avoid aggravating the situation. And this isn’t the time to burn down the whole house because a rat entered one of the bedrooms.

The market is a blood bath, parallel markets very high, run-away inflation with goods/services prices now threatening to be unaffordable, fuel is coming in drips and drabs, working hours lost and confidence going southwards. It is time not to lose focus so that things do not degenerate and plunge the economic recovery into a tail spin. It’s easy to get into an economic jungle than an economic build up as it is easy to destroy than to build.

Your responsibility, acknowledge challenge
The buck starts and ends with you in terms of doing what it takes to avert a catastrophe. You might not be the source of the challenges but it’s your call to remedy it accordingly. First and foremost let’s acknowledge we have a challenge on our hands. It is never the time for blame games but honest, logical, constructive level headedness coupled with emotional intelligence.

Hoard not, cash isn’t an asset
Stop hoarding products, it worsens the situation and creates artificial shortages on the market. Hoarding could be strategic but not sustainable in the end.
Holding cash might not be ideal but conversion into assets is recommended unless cash is generating revenues for you. (Not advocating for parallel market shenanigans). Hold stable currency if you are saving and get interest while at it.

Avoid exchange losses
Use currency of which you are transacting in. If you buy in USD more or less sell in USD in that order to minimise exchange losses. Have a great support system to lean on when hard times befall. Be supportive too during economic down turn.

Settle your debts, earn forex
No one wants to be owed so let’s settle our debts especially those with a foreign currency component ie hard currency not in “RTGS” balances due to loss of parity in the two. They say in these times rather owe than be owed but do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. Karma is real. Search for opportunities to earn forex. Increase your forex earnings it helps you and others that need it. We share resources remember. Aggressively export more.

No panic buying/selling
Don’t just buy for the sake of it especially unnecessary items. Be calm and think about the grand scheme of things. Do not sell especially assets, hold onto them. Sell only when you need to. Where possible down grade your vehicle, children’s school, house (but do it effectively and efficiently) or survive on a bare minimum. Do not upgrade due to your temporary new found economic fame. Stay grounded and stick to basics. Your decision making should be a daily occurrence taking into account the information at hand. Tune in to your gut and intelligence all the time.

Leadership, extra income
This is time to showcase leadership across all echelons of power and influence. Summon emotional intelligence. Buy in from every economic actor is crucial. Poor or rich a consensus is required on the way forward and we can’t afford to move lackadaisically when burning Rome is threatening livelihoods.
Chase multiple incomes to augment the dwindling earning power of your income. Diversify your portfolios to manage concentration risk.

Understand economics, save more
Take time to understand applied economics and it’s principles because what you don’t know might kill you. It’s time to be knowledgeable in your home economics to increase financial hygiene. Where you can retain monies for a rainy day. You might want to save in assets, hard currency or cash equivalents.
If possible just prepay for services and products if prices are rising.

Arbitrage opportunities, price responsibly
Take advantages and where you can speculate do it scholarly and avoid hot air promises and taking positions based on the same. In times like these it is encouraged to price in a responsible manner especially when you have a monopoly and your costing of your products/services has a potential to destabilise the whole system. It’s an intertwined system that requires caution, care and utmost good faith in all economic activities.

Information dissemination, be that light
It is vital that there is accurate, reliable, real-time information dissemination on policy, current situations.

Communication is key and explanations therefore crucial in stabilising the market. Above all be informed.

Shine and be salt to those seeking hope. Be the candle in the wind as we navigate the treacherous waters. Don’t alarm, don’t harm but offer light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t cause despondency. Advocate for correct implementation of economic fundamentals. Let’s bridge the trust deficit in stakeholders. Be the voice of economic reason and have a listening ear. Never ever give up even when your back is against the ropes.

This is stuff that makes economic revolutionary heroes/heroines of the future. God bless Zimbabwe. We shall overcome.




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