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MOST organisations desire to give back to their communities but lack a vehicle that allows them to do so in an effective and sustainable manner.


Upon this realisation MoB Capital Pvt Ltd has come up with a vehicle, which will provide solutions.



The MoB Capital Care Foundation


In terms of mandate, it focuses on providing assistance and alleviating poverty in marginalised communities through donations and provision of models of sustenance for the communities to be able to provide for themselves without being too reliant on donations.


Why have the foundation?


We realised that it is not sustainable for organisations to keep on donating year in year out as realistically they can get to a point of “donor fatigue” hence the importance of models, which help the communities to be self-sustaining by kick starting the process by donating as a group challenging the said recipients to self sustain in the long haul.


Model to be used


There is power in numbers: as one organisation our input can only go to a certain extent, which might not be enough to make a difference within a given community.


With this in mind we have invited 19 organisations to partner with the MoB Capital Care Foundation, with the Business Chronicle being the 21st partner, to pool resources together financially or otherwise towards a specific community for a period of three months then thereafter we move on to another community.


We will also come up with models of sustenance for the communities. The idea is to impact as many needy communities as possible for a very long period without the “donor fatigue” syndrome. Partners decide, which communities should be assisted.


Annual Xmas eat and learn


Every December we will host Christmas celebrations where each partnering organisation will bring five disadvantaged individuals from the community.


It will be an event where as we celebrate Christmas with them they will be taught on different subjects like financial hygiene (financial literacy), and be given health tips.


There will also be legal and medical advisors who will be offering their services for free as we celebrate the incoming festive mood with food and drink as the MoB Capital family.


It’s a treat with a difference you dine and drink while you learn and get empowered by all the experts in the field as we try to bring that cheer to all.


MoB Capital Care Magazine


Every month the impact of the communities we would have served will be documented in our monthly magazine.


Participating partners will also be profiled in the magazine as we bring to the fore the great work of our partners and what they are doing for the Bulawayo community.


You need to know them as they say blessed is the hand that gives than the one that takes.


MoB007 Black Card


Participating partners will automatically become part of our loyalty club and have the MoB007 black card.


This will give them access to our networks and tap into our vast client base and associates having access to various discounts across the board, chief among them being Zimpapers, which will give a 10 percent discount for advertising.


Who will benefit?


This MoB Capital Care Foundation initiative is meant to benefit communities within Bulawayo on a rotational basis.


We identify the needy and we move in and partner for that period. We do get involved and work together to see what strategies can be implemented for survival through donations and just great advice that ignites self-sustenance.


MoB Capital Care Launch


The initiative has already begun. The public launch will be done in due course.


How to participate


Organisations interested in partnering with the MoB Capital Care Foundation can get in touch with us and be part of this innovative, strategic and self-sustaining initiative in the corporate social investment agenda.


The other finer intricacies that will accrue to the participants can be obtained by getting in touch with MoB Capital officers as we seek to fellowship, network and make a difference in some lives in our communities together with a smile for the foreseeable future.


Do good, donate


It is a fact that in our societies we have marginalised, vulnerable and disadvantaged members. It is our thrust to say let’s come together and offer our little assistance to alleviate the challenges being experienced not as a charity case but so that they can live to fight another day.


At MoB Capital Care, We Try!


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